Page Updated: June 06, 2001
Latest Version: 0.1.375
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  This class is intended to make it easier to control a tree that has rdf datasources.  To use this class,
  you will need to follow a few simple rules:
    (1) Your tree must have an 'id'.  This is needed to find the tree and change it's attributes.
    (2) You must supply an 'id' for your 'treecol'.
    (3) Your 'treecell' under your 'treehead' must have the same 'id' as your 'treecol'+"Header".  (i.e.
          your treecol has an id="linksColumn" and your treehead->treerow->treecell has
          an id="linksColumnHeader")
    (4) Must be an rdf tree.
    (5) Only supports single selection trees at this time.

Function List
    // Constructor
    RDFTree(aID)                            // creates the Tree object and gets the tree from the ID

    (get) tree                              // tree object
    addDataSource(aRDF_URL_Path)            // adds a datasource to the tree.  Must be a valid url path (i.e.
    rebuild()                           // Rebuilds the tree (resets it.  You need to do this when you
                                               delete an entry in an rdf file)
    (get) selected                          // returns the currently selected index.
    (set) selected                          // set the selected index.
    (get) treeChildren                      // returns the tree children
    (get) selectedID                        // returns the 'id' of the selected item
    getRowIndexOf(which)                    // gets the index of the given treeitem 'id'
    sortColumn(column, sortKey)             // sorts the given column 'id' either 'ascending' or 'descending'
    sortToPreviousSettings()                // sorts to the previous settings.

    // internal members.
    sort(column, Key, direction)            // sorts the given column 'id' either 'ascending' or 'descending'
    updateSortIndicator(column, direction)  // Updates the sort indicator


       Examples coming soon...

       Warning: these API's are not for religious types

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