Page Updated: December 22, 2005
Latest Version: 0.1.375
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File I/O

This project was started because Mozilla didn't have a way to read from and write to files in Javascript, functionality that is needed for almost all applications that are written with Mozilla.

No longer is expertise in C or C++ required, nor does one need to bother with the details of implementing the XPConnect wrapper to access local file handling routines. To keep it simple and easy-to-learn, this functionality has been patterned after PHP's Filesystem functions.

Currently, only basic file handling from within Mozilla is supported.  This core feature set can be expanded upon with the help of anyone who is interested in this project.

Files can be viewed online here.

Full source code is available under the MPL license and has been added to the core Mozilla distribution.

IO Classes Available
rdf.js RDF file manipulation
dir.js Directory manipulation
file.js File manipulation (per instance)
fileUtils.js Collection of useful file utilities.
dirUtils.js Collection of useful directory utilities.
chromeFile.js Chrome File manipulation (per instance)

The jslib project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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