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JS Directory Utilities Class API

All of these functions return a string path

If you set "useObj = true;", a jsLib File or Dir object will be returned.

Function List

For easy look up they can be found at Examples:
js> var du = new DirUtils; js> du.getChromeDir(); /usr/src/mozilla/dist/bin/chrome js>; Function and Attribute List: getPrefsDir() getChromeDir() getMozHomeDir() getMozUserHomeDir() getAppRegDir() getAppDefaultDir() getAppDefaultPrefDir() getProfileDefaultsLocDir() getProfileDefaultsDir() getAppResDir() getAppPluginsDir() getSearchPluginsDir() getPrefsFile() getUserChromeDir() getLocalStore() getHistoryFile() getPanelsFile() getMimeTypes() getBookmarks() getSearchFile() getUserMailDir() getUserImapDir() getUserNewsDir() getMessengerFolderCache() js> du.getMozHomeDir(); /home/petejc/.mozilla js> du.useObj = true; true js> var obj = du.getMozHomeDir(); js> typeof(obj); object js> obj.exists(); true

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