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JS Directory Class API

Function List

  • help;
  • Examples: (using xpcshell) js> load('chrome/jslib/jslib.js'); ********************* JS_LIB DEBUG IS ON ********************* js> include('chrome://jslib/content/io/dir.js'); *** load: filesystem.js OK *** load: dir.js OK true js> var d=new Dir('/tmp'); js>; Function and Attribute List: initPath(aPath); path; exists(); leaf; parent; permissions; dateModified; nsIFile; move(aDest); append(aLeaf); appendRelativePath(aRelPath); isDir(); isFile(); isExec(); isSymlink(); create(aPermissions); remove(aRecursive); readDir(aDirPath); js> d.path; /tmp js> d.exists(); true js> d.leaf; tmp js> d.permissions; 777 js> d.isDir(); true js> d.isFile(); false js> d.append('PETE'); /tmp/PETE js> d.exists(); false js> d.create(); js> d.isDir(); true d.move('/tmp/PETE_MOVED'); PETE_MOVED filesystem.js:move successful! true js> d.path; /tmp/PETE_MOVED js> d.remove(true); js> d.initPath('/tmp'); /tmp js> d.path; /tmp js> var contents=d.readDir(); js> contents[0].path; /tmp/.X11-unix js> contents[0].isFile(); false js> contents[0].isDir(); true js> contents.length; 117 js> contents[116].path; /tmp/someNewFile.dat js> contents[116].size; 0 js> quit();

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