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Companies and Projects using JSLIB

Here are some of the companies and projects that we know of currently using jslib.
If you would like to list your company or project just let us know.

Lindows OS, Inc.
9333 Genesee Ave. 3rd Floor
San Diego, CA 92121
Vantage Learning
Vantage Learning
110 Terry Drive
Newtown. PA 18940
Codehost Inc.
Codehost Inc.
8671 Hayden Place
Culver City, California 90232
c/ Villalobos, 135, local 2-bis
28018 Madrid - España
4212 Glencoe Avenue
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
Mondego Networks,Lda
Mondego Networks,Lda
Rua José Maria dos Santos nº12
3030 -Coimbra Portugal
ButtonBox Enterprises
ButtonBox Enterprises
Minneapolis, MN
OEone's HomeBase products provide a unique Operating Environment that combines the power of the Linux OS and the Mozilla browser.
103 - 290 St.Joseph Blvd.
Hull, QC
J8Y 3Y3
Tools for usability processes in software
development including card
sorting and heuristic review.
ManageStar Inc.
Walnut Creek, CA
Open content, open source.
TagZilla is an add-on to Mozilla that lets you add a tagline, random or specifically chosen by you, to the end of an email or newsgroup posting, or to the clipboard for pasting into a Web-based email or message board.
XULMaker is a XUL application used to design and construct XUL based
applications and web pages.
Launchy will enable you to open links and mailto's with external applications like
Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla, Mozilla Firebird, Netscape, Outlook, BSPlayer,
Windows Media Player and others. Launchy also features an uninstall option.
Habari Xenu
Habari Xenu (An RSS/Atom news aggregator for Mozilla [and very soon for Firefox])

The jslib project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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