Page Updated: December 05, 2019
Latest Version: 0.1.375
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Mozilla gives a great flexibility and power to Javascript. This popular client side scripting language can be used to create application level logic and services for cross platform application development.

By creating libraries of common useful routines, application developers can focus on creating original functionality for their own applications instead of dealing w/ complex xpconnect wrapper objects and worrying about which IDL methods do what and which are implemented on what platforms.

Goal: jslib has a simple goal, "Make life easier for Mozilla Application Development by creating logical, easy to use API's for general purpose routines that lend themselves to living in library code."

jsLib is licensed under the MPL

Started complete line by line code audit. filesystem.js finished. Created new test suite that exercises this io base class.
jsLib XPI Packages are now signed
jsLib protocol handler. Type jslib:help
jsLib commandline option added:
mozilla -jslib

The jslib project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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